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Roses given to others, fragrance left in hand

On June 15, 2018, Yishui County Charity Federation changed its term and "Medical Relief Fund for Serious Illness" donation mobilization meeting was held. County leaders Xue Feng, Chen Yongsheng, Zhang Daosheng, Wang Yonghao, Chen Hailong, Xie Fei, Xu Aiduo, Sun Zhonghua, Wang Huankui and others attended the meeting. At the meeting, leaders at the county level, representatives of the heads of organs and units, secretaries of the township Party committees, representatives of education workers, representatives of medical workers and representatives of organ cadres led the field donations. Participating enterprises held place-raising voluntary donations, entrepreneurs' good deeds won bursts of applause from the scene. "When you give roses to others, you leave fragrance in your hand." Helping others with love is also a way to improve yourself. Charity is the true symbol of noble personality.


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