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Shandong University of Management and Shandong Xingtian Machinery Company to establish a practice base

On October 13th, 2014 MBA "Operation Management" mobile class of Shandong University, under the leadership of Professor Meng, visited Shandong Xingtian Machinery Co., Ltd., Yishui County to guide and learn.

President tian lei led the teachers and students to visit the modern workshop of xingtian, introduced the development and operation of the company to them in detail, and hoped that the teachers and students could give more valuable suggestions for the development of xingtian. Beiqing Zongheng Consulting Company Di has done efficient operation and management, sharing institutionalization, standardization of modern enterprise management and operation of advanced ideas.

Xingtian Machinery Co., Ltd. through more than ten years of hard work and enterprising, management, management process. Focus, high quality, high efficiency, has become a leader in the hydraulic machinery manufacturing industry. At present, Shandong Xingtian Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shandong University of Management to establish a practice base.



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