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Emphasis on reality, seek practical results, vigorously develop staff skills training, and constantly improve the quality of staff

The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the efforts of all employees. The promotion of an enterprise's overall construction should pay more attention to the cultivation of the overall quality of employees. Training is the long-term investment of an enterprise, the biggest aftereffect of development and the biggest welfare of employees. The company has always put staff training into an important agenda. Adhering to the training principle of "strengthening leadership, strengthening training, strict management and paying attention to practical results", according to the technical needs of employees and the actual needs of production and operation, focusing on improving the comprehensive quality of employees, paying attention to system construction, improving the skills of employees, and actively exploring training management. Take out to go to the advanced learning, to the developed areas "brain-changing", please come in, to learn business skills from high education, high skill talents, to promote the education and training of staff. The mental outlook of employees will be further improved, the cohesion and fighting ability of the enterprise will be further improved, and the social image and status of the enterprise will be further enhanced. The following is the company employees in the county people and social bureau organized advanced skills training.







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