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From standard management to promotion, the company continues to grow

In order to better help enterprises to realize the standardized management, improve management, to build enterprise core competitive ability, under the leadership of the phenomenon.the of small and medium business administration, Beijing north clear vertical and horizontal management consulting company and shandong XingTian machinery co., LTD., which was signed on July 21, 2014, consulting contract, north vertical and horizontal team official in qing XingTian company, the project team in combination with the practical situation of the company, adjust measures to local conditions, Take the corresponding means and methods to improve the company's management level and staff quality. By July 2015, all the project results have been submitted, and more than half of the project guidance implementation has been carried out. The overall management of enterprise operation and management has been improved, which has been unanimously recognized by all the employees of the enterprise. The economic benefits have been steadily improved and the forecast has been successfully reached



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