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Enterprise culture

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Enterprise Development Positioning

Entity Business Goal:

Taking the continuous favorable national policy as opportunity and relying on the present manufacture resource advantage, the company aims to become a top-ranking manufacturer in the domestic hydraulic machinery field, make rapid transformation according to enterprise reality and realize sustainable development.

Value Extension Goal:

Together with entity business development, the company strives to win the government’s support in land, policy, resource, etc. through implementing related strategies such as public projects and investment attracting project application, realize the effective integration of the extensible value of the enterprise, forge and improve enterprise and brand intangible value chain and expand the profit increase space.


Enterprise Culture Philosophy-Enterprise Core Philosophy

Business Policy:

Attentive, Devoted, Excellent Quality, Customer FirstEnterprise Culture

Business Strategy:

Constant Improvement, Attentive Service

Management Philosophy:

Institutionalization, Routinization, Standardization



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